VW + Audi & Porsche = A Mutual Love

Feb 14, 2018 4:04 am / Published in Featured Cars
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We do mean joint...As in glued and bolted together. We are not sure what to make of this...how to call it? Lupo? Former/future Audi A2? Audi A3? 

Well, long story short, the car underneath the heavy camouflage is in fact a Volkswagen Lupo. The front, borrowed from an Audi, rings included, makes the car become, as it owner calls it, the "Little Lord of the Rings". Riding on Porsche alloy wheels, go figure...The exterior of the car is, as you can see for yourself, hard to describe. What strikes us is the touch-the-road ground clearance which, to be honest, makes us wonder how does the car even get out of the garage... We can't really image it on another piece of tarmac than the one found on airports...

The highlights of the Lupo/Audi? The interior, of course. The car is packed with speakers, loud speakers, subwoofers and monitors. As you can see, it even comes equipped with a computer keyboard. He probably uses it to remap the engine "on the go", during high speed races on city streets...Or perhaps to poke Sauron's eye in "Battle for Middle-Earth", when he gets bored of driving...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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